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"Where Did I Meet Victory?"

In 2015, the world celebrated the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany. As a result of genocide in Europe over six million Jews were killed. Hundreds of thousands fought in the Red Army and the Allied armies. Today in Moldova about forty Jewish veterans - participants of the Great Patriotic War live. In Chisinau, there are only twelve people, but to our great regret, not all of them for reasons of health could participate in the festivities. JCC KEDEM Republican Volunteer Center has prepared its own program for these holidays, gathering in the Jewish home both veterans and people who never forget, and pay tribute to all those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and life.
The program entitled "Where Did I Meet Victory?" supposed a documentary film shooting. A group of volunteers worked on it for a few months. Professional psychologist and other specialists gave advice to volunteers on how to communicate with veterans, asking them questions, keeping in mind that all interviewed were quite elderly people.
This film became the core of the festival, which was held at the Jewish Cultural Center on Sunday, May 10. The program began in the open air, where the veterans and guests were met by wartime melodies and songs by musical orchestra Lyceum Rachmaninov.

After warm and touching greeting words, the event continued in the auditorium, where all could see the long-awaited film that did not leave anyone indifferent.
After watching the film, veterans and other guests moved back to the open area where the creative teams of the JCC KEDEM presented their musical program. In memory of the war traditions veterans received 100 grams of vodka and soldier's porridge.
“Until the memory is alive it connects us with the tragic days of the war and occupation, with a joyful day of victory and liberation. But on behalf of the heirs of the Great Victory generation - we promise to remember!” exclaimed Alexandra, 21-year old member of the RVC.

Future Events

January 17

January 17

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January 19

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January 26

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