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Global MekoRock - Sources of the Future

Over 200 spectators – among whom, of course were friends, parents, Jewish community members – admired the final annual concert of Global MekoRock – My Voice project at the KJJC.
80 young musicians, composers, poets, artists, dancers presented a year-long work of wonderful, original creations based on the Torah eternal texts. Extremely talented is not just a phrase to describe creations by composers of classic orchestra music Dan Yakovlev, Ovidiiu Antonovich or Daniella Corcodeal, touching and deep songs by Odri Byrca, Tais Logvinenko,  Nadezhda and Evgheny Volk (sister and brother), Marian and Alexey Styrcha (father and son) expressive and symbolic drawings by Katya Rezin, Arina Andriushenco, Jacqueline Mandalac and many others. 
“Our event would not be such successful without support from our partners, from the JCC Global leadership and Jewish Family Service NES”, said Stella Harmelina, JCC KEDEM director and Moldova Global MekoRock creative director. “We are so thankful to all of you and also well I express my deepest admiration to all our participants for their talent and masters for patience and help”.
“The original name of the project MekoRock has the roots in the Hebrew word mekorot – sources and we surely can see in this wonderful idea that unites efforts of children and adults, JCCs and communities from very apart countries, Jewish values and strength of art sources of development, perspective, sources of the future”, said Michael Finckel, general coordinator of Moldova Global MekoRock.

The project was initiated in summer 2014 when leaders of the JCCs of Europe, North and Latin America met in Budapest on a World Conference that resulted in establishing several joint projects that unite communities from different countries and continents.
JCC KEDEM together with Caracas, Emek Hefer, New Jersey developed the original idea of Israeli partners MekoRock where kids and teenagers from 12 to 19 years learn Torah chapters and create on its basis their art performance. During the whole year organizers and children themselves were in constant connection working on thousands of technical, logistic, financial, organizational, creative parts of the project.
At last on May 31 at KEDEM the final event of the year took place that will be followed by similar events in the partner centers.
“For us participation in MekoRock was something absolutely new, a kind of opportunity and challenge at once”, told Marius, one of the singers and conductor of final concert. “We learnt so many things about Jewish history and philosophy and moved on professionally as it gave a strong push to dream, analyze and create our own vision and expression. I am sure such a productive idea will last for a long time”.
In summer project participants will perform in the JCC camps and since September the 2nd full year of Global MekoRock – My Voice will start and we can be sure we’ll find new young talents, and new brilliant works will be born!

Future Events

January 17

January 17

 Round table on Holocaust theme at the Jewish Lyceum named after Herzl
January 19

January 19

“Hungarian Jews between the Historical and New Motherland” exhibition presentation in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary in Moldova 
January 26

January 26

Program dedicated to the International Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory and presentation of the exhibition “Samaritans in Markow” in…