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High Art at the KJJC: Theater Mysticism and Immateriality

On 9th of September, there occurred a unique event in the KJJC. The Municipal Youth Dramatic Theatre came to our Jewish house with the charity performance “Cantor”, produced under the famous tale by Ira Levin.
The premier of this lyrical comedy occurred in 2002, and since that time the “Cantor” still doesn’t come down from the playbills.
Performance, which was played on the stage of the KJJC, was produced and organized by the professional and talented people – that is why it attracted over two hundred people to buy tickets and come to our theatre hall! Both actors, playing the main parts, are holders of the premium “The best actor of the year” and “The best actress of the year” correspondently.
The staging of “Cantor” was implemented by the Master of Arts, honored educational worker of Moldova Republic, Jury Harmelin. He also played one of the main roles in this performance.

During 30 years of work in the theatre, Harmelin accomplished more than 150 performances over the writings of the Russian, Soviet and foreign writers. He successfully blends his activities in theatre together with the educational work. Almost all of his graduates successfully work in the theatres of Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
For the debut on the stage of the KJJC, Jury Harmelin chose one of his most successful works – play “Cantor”.
One of the most popular and well-known American dramatists, author and scenario writer Ira Levin, often adverts to mystical themes. The subject of “Cantor” impels people to advert to the religious and cultural wealth, as because of the extraversion in our life, there occur ominous events.
The action of the play is going on nowadays in New York. A young couple bought a house, and after several months of living there they have discovered a ghost. A young man, who did not even know about his Jewish roots, heard a singing of the cantor, whose voice lets him know, that their house was built on the place of a blasted synagogue. First, a couple is thinking over – how to rid themselves of that ghost? But later, they not just humbled with it, but even restore the synagogue…

“This comedy is interesting by its up-to-day subject-matter”, says 25 years old Alexander. “I wish I could see more modern performances about the Jewish life in our country”.

“I never know, what I will discover in the KJJC for the next time”, says 45 years old Faina. “Your programs are so various. And this performance was very good, I really enjoyed it”.

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January 17

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January 19

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