You Can Not Kill the Word

August 12, 1951 became a black day in the history of the Jewish culture in the USSR. On this day 12 writers in Yiddish, members of the Jewish Antifascist Committee were shot in Moscow after the long juridical process, inhuman tortures and humiliation.

“Every year we mark this day and organize memorial events”, told Sergo Bengelsdorf, teacher of Yiddish and musician. “We want not to forget those brave and talented people who were killed by Anti-Semitic and antihuman Stalinist regime.”

Over 160 people in spite of 35C heat came to the KJJC and were touched by lyrics and romances written by the killed poets. The words about love, life and hope are eternal in their core and tragic as the light of their authors was put out.

“I am witnessing almost all events at the KJJC and can confirm that such is one of the most meaningful and important for us as heirs of those years and culture”, said Leonid. “And our meetings on August 12 just say that you can kill a writer, but you not kill his word.”