To Remain Human

On February 15 the summation of the second consecutive competition of essays on the theme of Holocaust took place at the KJJC. The competition was held among the non-Jewish schools with support of the Kishinev City Department of Education.
“The very fact that we are all gathered here today is important and significant”, said Mr. Wolfgang Behrendt, Head of Political and Economic section of the EU Delegation in Moldova. “Europe's history has many glorious pages. But Europe's past also has many dark and terrible chapters. Most terribly, within the span of the last generation it has seen concentration camps, mass extermination, genocide and the unique horror of the Shoah. This dark period in European and world history must not be forgotten, denied or repeated. That is why it is encouraging that so many young people have gathered here today. I would like to ensure you that the EU will continue supporting all minority groups in Moldova, including the Jewish Community.”
Schoolchildren wrote touching words in prose and in verse in Russian and Romanian. It was a very meaningful and important for the modern generation fact that kids agreed to touch the topic one of the most challengeable and tragic from historical and philosophical angles and succeeded in understanding some basic issues for our civilization.
 AS wrote on of the participants: “We have to investigate our common history and even its most terrible pages not just for one people but for the humanity as a whole to remain human beings…”