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Monuments in the Hearts

Commemoration Meeting dedicated to Semen Shoikhet (1931-2010), one of the most eminent architects of Moldova, laureate of the State Prize, author of the projects of dozens buildings and monuments that make the face of Kishinev and other towns of the country took place at the KJJC on January 19.

Over 250 people came to honor the memory of this wonderful person, one of the leaders of the Jewish renewal in Moldova in 1990s and 2000s. Semen Shoikhet headed the Republican Association of the Jewish Organizations and Communities during 1993-2004. He was the author of Sherpeny springboard (the place which strategic capture by the Soviet army in 1944 gave the start to total liberation Moldova from Nazi), Kishinev circus, National Bank of Moldova, took part in elaboration of general plans of many cities of Moldova. For the Jewish community he will remain as co-author (together with Naum Epelbaum), author of the monument to Kishinev Pogrom victims and the KJJC complex.

All the speakers, including Mickey Katsif, JDC Director, leaders of the Jewish community from Kishinev, Beltsy, Rybnitsa, Yuri Povar, Chair of the Union of Architects of Moldova, leading architects from Urbanproiect Institute where Semen Shoikhet worked for 50 years acknowledged the meaning and input of this talented and devoted person in the life of community and country. Widow of the architect Alla and their youngest son Eugene also were present at the event.

“The most stable monuments are created in the people’s hearts”, quoted Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM deputy director who led the ceremony the Jewish writer Grigory Kanovich. “I am sure that all of us agree that the whole life, creative works, dreams and realizations of Semen Shoikhet became not only those buildings from stone that will stay for centuries, but probably less visible but no less lasting monuments in our hearts…”