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Never Again

On the 27th January of 1945 the Soviet Army liberated Auschwitz, one of the most awful and tragic place on the earth where millions of people mainly Jews were murdered by Nazi. This date was proclaimed by UN as the International Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory. KJJC annually organizes memorial event dedicated to this Day.

Over 250 people came to the KJJC in spite of -15 Celsius (5,00 Fahrenheit) cold to commemorate six million Jews killed by Nazi during Holocaust. They visited special touching and tragic exhibition of documental photos and video slides, were present at the solemn meeting together with the leaders of the state, representatives of the government, ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from over 12 countries, UN, Peace Corps and other international organizations representatives, heads of the Jewish structures, scientists, students, schoolchildren.

The program that besides official speeches included choreographic and music numbers that symbolize sadness and loss, hope and belief started with Kadish read by Daniel Muntean, assistant to Chief Rabbi of Moldova Reb Zalman-Leib Abelsky who also was present.

“I come here annually to express my support to all of you and be together on such a day”, said Mr. Marian Lupu, Parliament Chair and executing duties of President of Moldova. “Over 300,000 Jews were killed on the territory of Moldova during the World War II and this is so sad. We have to make everything not to repeat inhuman deeds and thoughts, intolerance as only through mutual esteem and help we can overcome and construct a stable European and civilized nation and state”.

Mr. Oren David, Ambassador of the State of Israel, Mr. Valery Kuzmin, Ambassador of Russia, Mr. Johannes Bertold, Ambassador of Germany – all called for remember the atrocities of the past and struggle against genocide, anti-Semitism and hatred in the present and future.

This year’s International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust is dedicated to the children – girls and boys who faced sheer terror and evil”, said Mr. Dirk Shuebel, head of the EU Delegation in Moldova. “One and a half million Jewish children perished in the Holocaust – victims of persecution by the Nazis and their supporters. Tens of thousands of other children were also murdered. To speak with the words of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon: "We will never know what these children might have contributed to our world. Children are uniquely vulnerable to the worst of humankind. We must show them the best this world has to offer."
“We have to teach our children and grandchildren about the Holocaust”, proclaimed Josef Belous, one of 110 remained in Moldova Holocaust survivors. “We have to remember, remember to live”.

Several TV channels, broadcast companies, newspapers covered the event organized by the JCC KEDEM thanks to AJJDC and “Hevruta in Moldova” project support.