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Jubilee of a Violinist

On February 19 a warm and nice program dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Oscar Dain, one of the best violinists of Moldova, took place at the KJJC. The program became possible thanks to “Hevruta in Moldova” project support.
Over 50 people mostly representing intelligentsia of Kishinev – musicians, musicologists, artists, singers gathered in the hall near the JCC Museum of the Jewish Bessarabia. They could get acquainted with an interesting exhibition of rare photos and advertisements of the middle of the XXth century presented by O. Dain’s family. The most interesting were donated photos with inscriptions by such eminent musicians as Dmitry Shostakovich, Leonid Cogan, Yuri Bashmet.


People who spoke about O. Dain were his colleagues and pupils. They recalled his great qualities of performer, leader and teacher. Oscar Dain studied in Kishinev, Prague, Kiev, Brussels, Paris, Bucharest and Moscow. He performed as the first violin in Kishinev jazz-band and Philharmonic camera orchestra and taught at Moldova Conservatory. Many underlined that there was not and is not such a level of musician in Moldova until now.

The program included also a musical part composed of saxophone jazz-improvisation, numbers of JCC violinists’ ensemble “Fidler”, songs about music and art.

“For a long time I did not feel such a warm and nice atmosphere”, confessed Evgeny Lobovsky, Master of Art of Moldova, famous violinist. “It was a great program and I am deeply thankful that you find the opportunity to commemorate my beloved teacher – Oscar Dain”.

“Thank you, the organizers, for this meeting dedicated to my father”,
said Alexander Dain. “I feel proud to be with you today and hear so many nice words said about him by so many famous and significant people in the musical culture of Moldova”.