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They Remain Less and Less

Sad news we got on March 4, 2012 – on that day Shaps Roif, head of the Moldova Association of former ghetto and concentration camps prisoners has gone. Shaps Roif (1929-2012) was one of the leaders of the community, who for many years struggled for keeping the memory about Holocaust, against any manifestations of fascism, nationalism, intolerance. He personally passed all the horrors of three ghettos in Bessarabia and Ukraine. After the World War II he worked mathematics teacher at school and then headed one of collective farms for 24 years. Under his rule the farm became millionaire and Shaps Roif was awarded with Lenin Order (the highest Soviet award) and many others medals and orders.

Last years Shaps Roif was member of the Jewish Community Council, Board member of Hesed Yehuda welfare center, member of Moldova President commission on elderly people problems, vice-president of International Union of Holocaust survivors. But besides all these titles we will remember Shaps Roif as an honest, kind, open person, an authentic Jewish leader, who devoted his life to assist people. We will keep memory of him forever...