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Memorial Event Dedicated to Holocaust Victims

For the 7th year consecutive the JCC KEDEM with support of the JDC conducted a special event dedicated to UN International Day of Holocaust Victims Memory. 

We were honored by presence and speeches of Mr. Marian Lupu, Moldova Parliament Speaker, Mr. Vlad Filat, Prime-Minister of Moldova, Mr. Oren David, Ambassador of Israel in Moldova, Mr. Matthias Meyer, Ambassador of Germany, Mr. Artur Michalski, Ambassador of Poland in Moldova, leaders of the Jewish organizations Shlomo Azarov (JAFI), Alexander Bilinkis (Jewish Community of Moldova), Valentin Rybitsky, head of Cooperation with Russia representation in Moldova, representatives of foreign international organizations like UN and European Union, ambassadors of nine countries more, partner organizations, Holocaust survivors, students, mass-media.

Kaddish read by rav Daniel Muntean, assistant to the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, initiated the 1.5 hour program with words, music, slides on the monitor, dances that all in one spoke about the unbelievable and inhuman tragedy of the Jewish people as well as of Roma, Sinti, homosexuals, and other groups that were convinced to death by Nazi regime.

An integral part of the program became awarding of the laureates of schoolchildren competition of essays dedicated to the Holocaust theme.

The main ideas expressed by the speakers were: “We have to struggle with intolerance and anti-Semitism in the modern society”, “We have to support strong Israel and strong Jewish Diaspora not to repeat such a tragedy”, “We can not forget”, and “Never again”.