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UN Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory – 70 Years Ago and Never Again

70 years ago, in 1945 on January 27th the Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz–Birkenau camp, conveyer of murder, tortures and death for millions of people, mostly Jews. This day in 2005 was proclaimed by UN as an International Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory. From the 1st year of its activities – 2006 - KJJC marks this important date.
This year there were organized and conducted a series of events. On January 27 at the KJJC award of winners of the city competition of essays among the schools took place. This year over 100 of students from over 20 lyceum and schools took part in the competition. The competition was partnered with Chisinau Department of Education.
At the same day meeting near the monument to victims of Chisinau ghetto was organized by the Jewish community of Moldova.
On January 29 an International Conference dedicated to Holocaust took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova led by Mrs. Natalia Gherman, vice-minister and minister of foreign affairs of Moldova. In the conference took part members of government, diplomats, representatives of international and local Jewish organizations, NGOs, leaders of the ethnic communities, teachers, mass-media.

Special memorial program in the evening of the same day at the KJJC finished the days of the Holocaust remembrance in the community.
Terrible documentary screens and symbolic dance at the beginning captured attention of over 250 people in the KJJC Theatre Hall. And later words of solidarity and indignation, speeches about importance to remember and educate future generations said by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament and Minister of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, Ambassadors of Israel, Germany, Hungary, Poland, representatives of US and Russia Embassy and UNFPA, EU Delegation Head in Moldova, AJJDC Representative in Southern Ukraine and Moldova, American Jewish Committee representative, concert numbers with touching music and dances made the over two-hour program very quick and intensive.
“It is almost impossible to percept the meaning, reasons, number of victims and other characteristics of this super tragedy in the human history, this unprecedented genocide as Holocaust”, said one of the speakers. “Very few things we can do now – to keep the memory and transfer it and the knowledge about Holocaust to the future generations.”