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Diversity and inclusion of ethnic and religious minorities in the Republic of Moldova

Such was the name of a pilot youth forum initiated by the Embassy of Sweden in Moldova and the JCC KEDEM. The core is discussion on the topics of tolerance and problems which face representatives of minorities in their everyday life in our country.

In their greeting speeches Ms. Signe Burgstaller, Sweden Ambassador in Moldova, and Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, underlined the importance of raising these problems for a multiethnic state and especially by young generations. About 100 young people from Chisinau lyceums and Universities, JCC youth club and Tolerance club gathered in the Concert hall. Representatives of four minorities groups – Jewish, Moslem, Roma and Black (Salifa was born in Burkina Faso and lives in Moldova for 20 years) told about real cases of insults, stereotype attitude that included Anti-Semitic or Nazi graffiti on the Jewish school walls, offences in public transportation, limits to take part in political elections, etc.

During a vivid discussion it became clear that of course this is a long process that needs time and efforts especially in the sphere of education in families as well as in kindergartens, schools, Universities. But the main thing is the personal attitude and responsibility of every citizen, his or her reaction on the cases of breaking civil or human rights of other people. And here example of Raoul Wallenberg exhibition about whom is now at KEDEM is a very obvious and bright example of personal heroism and will.

1.5 hours passed very quickly. East Europe Foundation Director on Development, Monitoring and Evaluation Adrey Brigidin, moderator of the forum, invited the audience to continue similar discussions and get acquainted with the exhibition. 

Organizers of the project – JCC and Swedish Embassy are planning to continue it in Beltsy next month. The program was covered by Moldova 1 TV Channel.