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Exhibition in Cahul

Just in the middle of Pesach holiday a delegation from the JCC KEDEM and Embassy of Sweden in Moldova went to one of the farthest towns of the southern part of the country. It brought a special program and exhibition dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, a person who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust and then perished in Stalin’s prison in the USSR. Of course, he was included in the list of Righteous among the Nations by Yad va Shem Institute. This was already the 3rd place in the republic where the exhibition has been presented after Chisinau and Beltsy.
Several dozens of people gathered in the local Palace of Culture and witnessed speeches from deputy mayor of the city, representatives of the JCC KEDEM and Swedish Embassy and local historians who described the banners of the exhibition, told about the personality of Wallenberg and the meaning of such events that we should remember and tell to the next generations.