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Day of Volunteers in the KJJC 

On December 10 the 2nd ceremony of the Best Volunteer was conducted by the Republican Volunteers’ Center. Volunteers of all ages who were the most active in realizing and coordinating their projects during 2016 were awarded in various nominations. It was another bright ceremony and event of RVC with many honorary guests including Ambassador of Poland, representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, etc. 

The ceremony was held in honor of the International Day of Volunteer. 

Holiday of Music and Childhood

The 7th consecutive musical competition named after Z. Tcach was conducted by the KJJC with support of the Ministry of Culture of Moldova and National Philharmonic. As usual it took place during two days - December 4 and 5 both at the KJJC and Philharmonic premises. This time a record number of participants - about 250 - took part in the event. Kids from 7 to 17 years old from all over the country were divided by age groups and musical instruments types. Jury was composed of the most authoritative musicians and experts including the chair and members of the Union of Composers of Moldova, professors of the Academy of Music, Theater and Art, representatives of the musical lyceums and schools.

“We observe some kids for years, some came for the 1st time and I am happy to say that we have so many talents in our country”, said on of jury members. 

“For us to come from Sarata Galbena settlement to Chisinau is a whole trip and event, but it is worth of as when our kids perform, we, teachers, parents, friends, are happy!”, told a participant’s mom.

The 2nd day was dedicated to Gala concert of the 1st places winners. The program was honored by presence and greeting of Monica Babuc, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Moldova.

The competition was covered in the social networks.

Successful Summer Program for Kids

The Day camp is traditionally one of the most popular summer programs in the JCC KEDEM. This year it lasted for 2.5 months (June 1 – August 19) and attracted totally 75 kids from 7 to 12 years old. Children and parents were really happy to get a special attention and program that included diversified entertainment activities, arts, sports, meals, walking in parks, visits to Zoo, etc.
“It is a pity that the program is coming to its end symbolically together with the summer”, confessed Eva, 11 y.o. “We have to think about soon coming school year but it was so funny to spend these weeks together at KEDEM, we became close friends here”.
“For our family summer day camp was a real gift and great opportunity as we could leave our boy and feel sure that he will be safe and get fun. Thank you!” reported Andrey, 9 y.o. Ivan’s father.

XV Ethnic Festival in Chisinau

A nice tradition of uniting ethnic minorities groups initiated many years ago by Bureau of interethnic Relations of Moldova continues this year by its 15th edition. 45 organizations and communities gathered in the central park of the city where each had its own alley or street.
Traditionally the Jewish street became one of the most popular where all the time starting from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. people danced, tasted traditional meals, got information about programs and organizations. KJJC occupied a big part of the space on the street distributing announcements about present and future programs and events, books, showing videos and photos. KJJC music groups also took part in the concert on the main scene of the event.
“I like Jewish street and come here every year”, told Helen. “I have a lot of friends of the Jewish origin and feel a deep sympathy to your history and traditions”.
“Thank you for invitation to the concert”, said Roman. “I will come with pleasure and will invite my friends to join as well”.

Learning to Live Together

The 6th international interethnic camp “Sources of Tolerance” took place in a picturesque Leordaia village place 70 km from Chisinau.
11 days from July 18 till 29 over 100 teens and guides – participants of the camp – who represented Bulgarian, Moldovan, Romanian, Greek, Jewish, Polish, Rome, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauzian cultures gathered from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia to get acquainted with the history and traditions of ethnicities that live in Moldova.
Every day was dedicated to a certain culture. “We all are different, we represent various ethnicities”, said Alesya. “But everyone merits equality and esteem”.
The Jewish one took place on Friday, July 22 when a team from the JCC KEDEM brought to the camp one of its last and most successful project – “Global Mecorock – My Voice”. Teens got acquainted with some principal stories from Tora like Creation, Exodus, Babel Tower basing on which they created their own original songs, art and drama numbers.
The main aim of the project organized by the Center of Informal Education “Diversitate” and supported by the JCC KEDEM, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Polish Embassy in Moldova, UN Dpt. on refugees, Civil Rights Defenders, Jewish Community of Moldova, «AVE-Copiii» and Gary Galanter was to create an atmosphere for dialogue between various ethnic groups, struggling with xenophobia, forming an active civil position at the young generation and promotion of knowledge about polytechnic character of the Republic of Moldova state.   .