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Eight Days of Miracle at the KJJC

Upwards of a week, the door of the KJJC had been wide open. Every day festive actions, devoted to Chanuka, took place in the Jewish house. Every day people gathered in the concert hall of the KJJC and a next Chanucka candle had been lighted.
A cycle of Chanucka actions was opened by a festive program, devoted to the first anniversary of theKJJC.
A year ago precisely, there occurred a Chanucka miracle. The doors of the KJJC – a brand new wonderful building and the biggest community center in Moldova, where everybody can find all what is necessary – had opened for everybody.
A festive program, devoted to the 1st anniversary of KJJC, started with the lighting of the first Chanucka candle. Two-hour program included a variety of items implemented by children and adults, by singers and dancers.
Many speeches went through the program. Many people had something to say about the progress of the first year of the KJJC.

By the lighting of the second candle, a poetry soiree was opened. There were heard verses of Zelik Berdichever, Mottl Saktsier, Gerz Rivkin, and others Bessarabian poets of the 20th century who wrote in Yiddish.
Two actions at once took place at the day, when the third candle was lighted.
“Gmilut Hasadim” – a “Good Deeds Festival”, where 21 projects have been presented – was the first action for that day. In four projects had been performed by “Hillel” Jewish student’s organization and Kishinev Welfare center “Hesed Yehuda”.
“Volunteers’ Day” – the project of “Hesed” – had been considered the best in the welfare nomination. “Hillel” became the winner in two nominations at once: educational (“Heritage”) and athletic (“Hilleliada”).
Other projects were directed to the development of volunteers’ movement, to the work with children and teenagers, to the help to Jews of different generations. The winners got their prizes, and all the participants obtained memorable diplomas.
At the same day, an exhibition of children amateur arts, devoted to Chanucka, opened at the KJJC. Besides the Chanucka theme, there had been presented many illustrations to the Jewish fairy tales, sceneries, portraits, and still-lives. As a whole, all of the works were of great talent.
At the day, when the fourth candle was lighted, an exhibition of works of clients of “Hesed”, devoted to Chanucka, was opened at the KJJC.
Among the clients of the Welfare Center “Hesed Yehuda”, there are a lot of people, who are limited in movements and skills. Things, which any ordinary person can do without any special efforts, take much more time and strain for the clients of “Hesed”. All the more astonishing their works look – so much skillfully they are executed, not to mention applied creativity.
At the same day, a concert of “Fiddlers” violinists consort was conducted.
At the Chanucka 5th day, a group of the Jewish folk dancers “Shtettle” gave a concert on the scene of KJJC. Dancers represented seven dancing items-staging, which were of a great liking of a audience.
At the day, when the 6th Chanucka candle was lighted, a concert of male chorus “Ashkenazim” was held in the theatre hall of the KJJC. This group is quite familiar to the guests and visitors of the KJJC. But precisely at this concert, audience had a chance to take a closer look at this group. Each participant of the chorus performed a solo item, and told something about himself.
There resounded songs on different languages – Hebrew, Russian, Italian, English and in very different genres – Chanucka songs, Jewish folk, even variety and jazz. Members of chorus did not just performed songs, but also recited poetry and played on different musical instruments.
At the 7th day of Chanucka, the youngest participants of the festive Chanucka program – children from the Jewish kindergarten #68, also had possibility to appear on a stage of KJJC. Little ones prepared dancing items and Chanucka songs. The Hall was overcrowded – many people came to support young actors. At the end of the concert, each child got a present from “Dor-le-dor” charity foundation – toys, fruits, sweets.
Day, when the last candle was lighted, was celebrated by very different generations – clients of welfare organization “Hesed Yehuda” and smallest children – visitors of “Mazl Tov” program of the Jewish Family Service.
At that day, clients of “Hesed” made a little private Chanucka party at the daycare center of “Hesed Yehuda”. Program included the lighting of the last Chanucka candle, concert and refreshments. As with the other Chanucka actions, this party lasted for much longer, that it was planned – nobody could agree, that the holiday is over.
At the same day, the youngest visitors of the cozy and hospitable KJJC, also had their little party. That was organized for the youngest participants of “Mazl Tov” program – children up to 3 years. The teacher did their best, so even the smallest kids could understand and memorize, what the holiday of Chanucka was, owing to performance and a festive program, which were organized for them. Every child got a present from “Dor-le-dor” – toys and sweets.
Marvelous and light holiday of Chanucka is over. But the doors of the KJJC are open, we wait for friends as usual. Everybody is welcome – from toddlers to old men, from chess players to those whose desire is to learn English, dance, draw, and just have a good and useful way of spending time.