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Eight Days of Light

For eight days, the festive climate reigned in the KJJC. All the organizations acting under the roof of the Jewish Home, prepared interesting and diversified programs.
The celebration of Chanucka started with the traditional program “Campus Makes Friends”. The program was presided by the director of Jewish cultural center KJJC Stella Harmelina and a famous local Yiddish singer Slava Farber. The first candle was lighted by the chair of the board of KJJC, Dr. Simhovich. “Chanucka comes from our childhood. Everything was filled with the expectation of the miracle…” – that was a leitmotif of the sounded remembrances.
The next program – “Mammy, daddy, me – athletic family” – was organized by JCC and Jewish Family Service “NES”. There participated 80 kids and their parents, who were divided into three teams. All the contests and competitions had Chanucka themes. The winners were rewarded with the prizes and diplomas, and all the participants received toys, which were sent to them by Joint.

Every day for the whole week, the Day care center “Hesed Yehuda” organized a special program for its clients commonly with the Cultural center, library named after Manger, and other Jewish organizations. Old people were happy to receive little guests from the Jewish schools and kindergarten, who danced, sang and recited poetries for them.

An idea of the program “Light for everyone”, which was conducted by the Jewish Cultural Center and “Hillel”, was quite adventurous. The guests of this activity were the students of the non-Jewish schools and lyceums. Anyway, about 120 of people visited this entertaining and educational program, which also included a visit to the Museum of history of the Jews in Moldova. The goal was achieved: children gained a lot of new information and spent a good time together.

The “Open Day” was widely advertised in the mass-media. Hence, a lot of people visited KJJC for the first time. There were presented 12 programs of the Cultural center and exhibition of the handcrafts, prepared by the clients of “Hesed”. Also, there were conducted presentations of “NES”, CTPD, Hillel and the school of madrihim. Besides the entertainment and presentation programs, the “Open Day” organizers also provided a research of demands of the people. Guests were provided with the question: “in your opinion, which programs would become popular and demanded in the KJJC”? The answers were: “draughts, Romanian language, something for non-Jewish toddlers, Hebrew for kids, sports sections, drawing”. Now we have to think on implementation of such programs in the future.

The concert, dedicated to the second anniversary of KJJC, became a final event of Chanucka. Leaders of the Jewish organizations, representatives of the boards, members of the Jewish community, students of Dr. Simhovich Business School and many other guests gathered in the theatre hall of KJJC. All the eight candles flared up at this last day of Chanucka. At the same day, there was accomplished a philanthropic action, initiated by Dr. Simhovich and assisted by the students of the Business school. The neediest children, the clients of “NES” received a traditional “Chanucka gelt”. The most symbolic was lighting of the eighth candle that was done by the KJJC peer little David.

“Surely, two years – is a childish age”, said Sergo Begelsdorf, famous musician, coordinator of Yiddish club and music studio at the KJJC. “But, at this age a child is steady on his legs. There was done quite a lot during this period. We all feel that this is – our home, and we all are responsible for it”.