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Yom HaShoah - Remembering the Victims, Celebrating the Heroes

In honor of this year’s Yom HaShoah, the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus came together to mark the occasion with a series of commemorations and programs.
The day began with a short ceremony at the Monument to the Kishinev Ghetto located on Jerusalem Street not far the Jewish Campus in the center of the city. The gathering which included elderly Hesed clients, the staff of the Center for Training & Professional Development and Dr. Aharon Weiss of JDC Israel was a silent, somber affair. The bright spring flowers and pastel-colored candles which were laid on the memorial, however, brought an air of hope to the event. “Part of honoring these victims is celebrating the gift of life that we have been given-- that is what these beautiful spring flowers mean to me”, said Hesed client Yuri.

In the afternoon, the Campus was filled with intellectual activity as several academic seminars were held on a variety of related themes. One of the most well attended was entitled “The Warsaw Ghetto: The Price of Resistance” which was hosted by Kira Kreyderman and the JCC’s Youth Tolerance Club.

At the end of the conference all the groups can together for a performance of A Sheyn Meydl (A Beautiful Girl), a drama by American playwright Barbara Lebow. Exploring issues of loss and guilt after the Holocaust, the piece visibly moved the audience. “I hear stories from my grandparents,” said Sasha, age 13, “but until today, I did not realize just how important they were.”