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State of Israel – 61!

Festivities dedicated to the Independence of the State of Israel continued with a bright and solemn program conducted by JCC KEDEM on May 6. Over 250 people became spectators of a breathtaking concert, exhibitions and official speeches. Celebration united all the main Jewish organizations: JDC, JAFI, United Jewish Community, Jewish Congress of Moldova, Association of Israeli Businessmen in Moldova “Darkon” and Israeli Cultural Center became the sponsors of the event.

Everything started yet in the yard of the KJJC decorated by Israeli flags and other symbolic. Israeli music, dances and songs, traditional meals in a “Bedouin-café” organized by the youth clubs created a special bright atmosphere. Nobody was bored. Young people involved all the guests in karaoke, photo studio, learning play on Israeli drums – darbooki, tasting falafel and pitas.

The official part started at the Theatre Hall with the greeting word of Mr. Avraham Sharon, Israeli Ambassador in Moldova. In the concert program the best singers, dancers and artists of Moldova took part. In general the program was built by Master of Arts Yuri Harmelin, famous local theatre manager, as a virtual trip to Israel accompanied by slides and information about the main geographic zones and cities of the country alternated by dancing, vocal, circus, and ballet numbers.

“We hope that the youth of Moldova will be educated in the spirit of tolerance, estimation to cultures and history of other people”, said Stav Nezhinsky, the 1st secretary of the Israeli Consulate in Moldova.

“The program was just wonderful!” unanimously exclaimed a group of youngsters after the concert and after tasting a big tort made in the form the State of Israel map.

The program on which leaders of the Jewish organizations, representatives of the Embassies of the USA, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, journalists from various mass-media were present was finished by the national anthems of Moldova and Israel symbolizing strong ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.