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Energy of Pesach

Pesach came together with nice spring weather and brought the energy of freedom and belief from over 3,000 years. Everybody at the KJJC could feel it during the eight days of the Holiday. Seders for kids and elderly, youth and middle-aged were conducted. JCC Haverim club helped to execute all the elements of the traditional ceremony.
“Now I am also an expert in Seder ceremony”, said 80-year old Arkady. “However only 15 years ago many of us did not anything but matzot eating. This is a wonderful change and a historical miracle that came true in our generation.”


The atmosphere in all the JCC clubs, Hesed Open and Warm Homes, Jewish Family Service was nice and warm. People were united yet on the preparatory stage while cleaning the premises from hametz and ordering traditional meals for Sederim.

The brightest event took place in the frame of the KJJC Gathers Friends Program. Many guests brought their kids and they attentively listened and observed all the requirements and happy to look for afikoman and get the prize for this.

In the end such nice words were said as farewell to our guests: “We wish no problems on our holidays and let all the years and not only during Pesach Seder we feel as free people without fears and with great hope for the future!”