Music Competition and Festival

For the 2nd consecutive year competition of young performers named after Zlata Tkach was organized and conducted by initiative of the JCC KEDEM together with the National Philharmonic of Moldova and “Hevruta in Moldova” project. Over 160 participants divided by age and instruments categories competed and were judged by the highest musicians, music teachers, composers, representatives of the cultural elite of the country.
Emotions, tears of victory and even failure, happy parents and teachers, some of whom came to Kishinev from rather far away Tiraspol and Beltsy – all this - made the atmosphere tight, bright and vivid.

On the 2nd day concert of laureates and winners took place in the National Philharmonic hall and was covered by TV and mass-media.

“It is so important to promote the national music, first of all Jewish music of Bessarabia, Moldovan music, to give to young musicians a chance of self expression on the highest level”, told Elena Abramovich, musicologist, one of the jury members. “And I am personally proud that the competition is named after Zlata Tkach, one of the first women – professional composers of Moldova – who made an invaluable input in development of the musical culture of the country in general and its Jewish component in particular.”