Long Holiday – Many Events

This year as always the KJJC was full of festive events and people, sufganiyot and lights during one of the beloved holiday of the year – Chanukah. Holiday of miracles and lights turned in a series of bright days and night festivities for people of all ages. Nice concert for the Jewish Family Service kids opened the first day when Mickey Katsif together with his 4-year son Natan lighted the first candle on the big Chanukiah and read the prayer.

Several events were organized jointly by the JCC youth club Haverim and Hesed Yehuda day center. On another day over 30 schoolchildren from the Jewish Lyceum named after Rambam also came to celebrate Chanukah with the elderly people from the Day Center program. They exchanged postcards and handmade gifts, knowledge about our traditions and smiles.

JCC Museum also conducted pre-Chanukah quiz and later a special program “Celebrating Chanukah Together” for non-Jewish schoolchildren of Kishinev lyceums

Several unique welfare days were dedicated by the youth club Haverim to good deeds. They organized a really miraculous program for kids from the Kishinev orphanage N3 where 10 Jewish kids live along with the other 100 children. The program included humanitarian aid (clothes, TV set, warm blankets, toys on about $2,000) distribution, music and songs, traditional delicious sufganiyot.

On the other day a cultural program with a noble welfare aim – to help to 17-year old Senya Litvak who suffers from a incurable disease to make his dream a reality – to buy him a photo camera. Young boys and girls participants of the club made their tsedakah contributions and another Chanukah miracle happened!

Many excited words of gratitude were said by adults and children who became guests and participants of Chanukah 5772 at the KJJC.
“This is one of the most cheerful holidays. For several years we come to Chanukah concerts at the KJJC and receive good mood, excitement, information, and friends!”

“Chanukah is realization of a miracle. We call it also the Holiday of Candles Light. It is a special feeling when we meet our grandchildren at the KJJC to celebrate it together!”

«This is our first welfare acts. But we plan to continue, we will help more often to kids from Kishinev orphanages, we’ll come to them and try to make their really difficult lives a little bit brighter and merrier. Hag Chanukah Sameach!”