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Purim Masks at the KJJC

On March 11, on Sunday over 250 kids and parents came to the KJJC to celebrate one of the most cheerful and happy Jewish holiday – Purim. Celebration was organized jointly by the JCC and Jewish Family Service. All the premises were filled with laughter, jokes, and children in costumes of heroes of Purim story, tales and cartoons. Even parents came in funny masks and carnival costumes.

“Purim lets us to feel like kids, be happy, merry, laugh”, said Elena. “And at the same time this our ancient tradition and holiday of victory over enemies. It is very important to be here together with our children.”

After various stations where participants learned how to make costumes, masks and Purim ratchets everybody was invited to the main hall for a nice play by Kishinev Theater from the Rose street and later all could taste sweet humentashen.

After such a nice holiday people go home in good mood, smiling and taking home nice and festive remembrances.