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Speaking in Eighteen Languages

For the 6th time consecutive International Day of Mother Language was celebrated at the KJJC. This time the event was organized by JCC Tolerance club with support of the AJJDC, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and Congress of Ethnic Communities of Ukraine.
You could hear Hebrew and Lithuanian, English and Russian, Japanese and Greek and many other languages, learn from young and experienced professors that teach in local Universities and schools about the culture, literature, history of many countries. Even Ambassador of Lithuania in Moldova Mrs. Violetta Motulaite conducted one of the classes.

“In the modern world every civilized person should know several languages as the languages is an instrument and way to the culture of other people, to tolerance and interethnic esteem”, said Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM deputy director greeting the audience.

“Some of you today will make the first steps in learning other languages, some already know several”, addressed Valentin Rybitsky, head of Russian Center of Science and Culture in Moldova “I wish you continuing your study of languages, other cultures that will help all of us find the ways to each other”.