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JCC Youth Club Celebrates the Birthday

JCC Youth club “Haverim” celebrated its 3rd birthday. Now the club unites over 500 young boys and girls and is one of the most popular and vivid program in the KJJC. About 20 constant programs, many interesting events and holidays, Shabbatons, youth camps, innovative project “Dereh Hadasha” attract youngsters of Kishinev to come to the club activities.

The festival was held in one of Kishinev clubs where guests could hear music – a Moldova star Olga Tira, play bowling, take part in competitions.

“We are proud of having such a popular and perspective program in our JCC”, said Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, and Michael Finckel, JCC deputy director. “We are sure that it will develop, attract more and more new teenagers, invent and introduce new interesting projects. This is one of our priority programs and it will be even more successful!”

“I am happy to come to our club!” exclaimed Yulia. ‘I brought here my friends and found many new. It is always very interesting and cool. Every time we organize something new and I invite everybody to join us!”