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Sergo Bengelsdorf – 75!

In March one of the most estimated persons in the Jewish Community of Moldova – Sergo Bengelsdorf celebrated his 75th birthday. Professor in the Academy of Arts of Moldova, Master of Arts, founder and conductor for 20 years of the broadcast “On the Jewish Street”, teacher of many Moldova opera and camera music singers, leader of the JCC Yiddish club and art laboratory, author of articles and book, Sergo was born in Birobidjan (Far East part of Russia) and came to Moldova after having graduated from Khabarovsk Conservatory. As a pianist and concertmaster he led his own band “Vort und Nign” (‘Word and Melody’) and made successful tours to Israel, Germany, Sweden, Russia. He promotes Yiddish culture in spite of all obstacles. For many years he conducts memorial parties of the Yiddish writers shot on Lubeanca in 1952 by Stalinist regime.

He is multitalented and very Yiddish and Jewish oriented person. It is not strange at all as he has so strong Jewish roots – his mother Liubov Vasserman was a famous Yiddish poetess and father Moses Bengelsdorf who was born in Argentina - a Jewish theatre conductor and actor. Sergo’s daughter and two grandchildren live in Israel.

It was very symbolic that almost all the Jewish organizations took part in the soiree organization KJJC, Joint, Jewish Community, Israeli Cultural Center, Jewish Library and “Teleradio of Moldova” Company. Over 200 people gathered to greet this open and always smiling man. This evening the cream of the Jewish and Moldova culture sang, danced, performed for Sergo.

He is so energetic and full of creative ideas and plans and has a wonderful sense of humor. When he was asked “How do you feel in your 75?” just answered “75? I don’t feel them at all…”