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Moldova – Lithuania Met at the KJJC

On June 21 at the KJJC a special event initiated yet several months ago by the Embassy of Lithuania in Moldova and JCC KEDEM took place on the second floor at the exhibition hall – opening of a joint exhibition "Lithuania - Moldova: Crossroads of Destiny" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Moldova.
The joint exhibition consists of two – Lithuanian and Moldovan – exhibitions. "The Sounds of Silence" - an exhibition of famous Lithuanian photographer Raimondas Paknys depicts the remains of the glorious Jewish culture in Lithuania, in a land that was known for its tolerance for ethnic minorities: the architecture, the cemeteries, the synagogues, etc. "The Vanishing Visions" is a photo exhibition dedicated to the Jewish history of Moldova.

“Exhibition “Crossroads of destiny” is clear evidence of how much we had in common in the past, and what has to be preserved for the future,” said Lithuanian Ambassador Violeta Motulaitė during the Opening Ceremony.

“Vilnius (Vilna), known also as the Jerusalem of Lithuania, was famous for its flourishing Jewish culture and scholarship for centuries. Exhibition of photos we will witness today, will be a good opportunity to stop and think…To think about the vulnerability of each of us, of our nations, even civilizations, no matter how big-strong or small-weak they are...” noted Lithuanian Ambassador.


“We are sure that this nice event will become the first step on the long way of successful joint programs that we’ll have in the future”, said Stella Harmelina, JCC KEDEM Director.

“Lithuanian minority in the Republic of Moldova was always one of the most active and can only support such events as this one that underlines that Moldova is a multiethnic and multicultural country”, said Elena Belyakova, Bureau of Interethnic Relations of Republic of Moldova.
At the event were present representatives of Moldova Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ambassador of Romania, representatives of French and German Embassies, leaders of many ethnic communities, artists, musicians, scientists, journalists.
An ensemble of violinists "Fiddler" performed the music of famous Lithuanian composers Čiurlionis, Dvarionis and Dirvanauskas, and a documentary film “Litvakai” was shown during the Opening Ceremony of the Joint Exhibition at KEDEM.