Holiday with Music

During the last period of time annual JCC KEDEM hosts a nice concert of classic music performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Octavio Calleya from Spain. Born in Kishinev, in 1942, he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest where he graduated with honors in orchestra and choral conducting, musical pedagogy and composition.

His best known teachers were D. Milcoveanu, A. Stroe, A. Vieru, Marin Constantin, D. Botez and M. Basarab. He then was choral conductor for the University of Bucharest for four years. Given a scholarship by the Vienna Academy of Music, he graduated in orchestral conducting under Hans Swarowsky, in opera conducting under W. Spannagel and K. Etti, and in contemporary music under F. Cerha.



Octavio Calleya has been professor and conductor of the symphony orchestra of the Bucharest Conservatory; conductor of the Valladolid Symphony Orchestra (Spain); principal conductor of the State opera of Instanbul (Turkey), meanwhile touring from Rio de Janeiro to Manila, Berlin, Cape Town, London, New York and other cities of western Europe. Among the orchestras he has led may be mentioned the London Festival Orchestra, Spanish National Orchestra, etc.

Every year he brings his students, talented and passionate for music. And their Open Air concert at KEDEM became already a nice tradition over 120 of people became witnesses and thankful spectators to which.

“Even the weather was for us today”, said smiling Svetlana Bivol, Director of the National Philharmonic of Moldova. “And we are happy that again our joint concert was of such success. I am sure we’ll meet again and again. We are grateful to Maestro Calleya and to the hosts in te face of the Jewish Cultural Center KEDEM for such an important event in the life of Kishinev dedicated to the Independence Day of our Republic!”