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“Person of the Year” Ceremony at the KJJC

For the second year consecutive the JCC KEDEM chose the best joint practices partners for seven nominations prizes. Among theme were Ambassadors of Germany, Russia and Lithuania, rabbi, musicians, architects, scientists, doctors, representatives of mass-media and government, and our special guest Mrs. Ellen Cole, Miles Nadal JCC Executive Director (Toronto), JCC KEDEM partner in the frames of the World JCCs Association mentoring program. All the winners were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs.

Songs in Romanian, French, Hebrew, Yiddish, Moldovan folk dances and beautiful number with white doves made the cultural outline of the soiree.
“I am deeply impressed and admire the passion, efforts and quality of your programs and of the level of cooperation you have built with the governmental, non-governmental structures and other ethnic communities of Moldova,” said Ellen Cole. “It is touching your keeping memories about eminent Bessarabia and Moldova Jews and your history. I am sure that many North American organizations have to learn from you such an experience.”

“Today's ceremony helped to feel again: what will be our society, what would be guided by the ideals of our youth depends on each of us! Only by working together we can turn Moldova into a prosperous country where our children will live in peace and security. We wait all of you on our future events! Thank you again for being with us!” ended the presenter the program.