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Perhaps not coincidentally the beginning of Chanukah was marked conduct III Contest of Young Performers. Zlata Tkach. It was a real miracle of creation, preserving the memory of the outstanding figures of culture, the revival of musical traditions.
The competition has demonstrated yet again: in Moldova there are hundreds of talented children, dozens of excellent teachers and great pianists who, sparing no effort, despite a modest salary, prepare promising musicians. Member of the Jury of wind instruments, the head of the Presidential Orchestra, Maestru în artг Leonid Voznyuk sighed: "So many talented guys, I want to mention all!"
Sorry, it's impossible! 200 participants (160 were previous year). More than 70 awards - not just the winners in all age categories in the four instrumental categories, but for the best performance of Zlata Tkach, other Moldovan composers, for the will to win and the youngest participants (the youngest was - five and a half years old), for the best people music (for accordion), for best foreign author and also for teachers who prepared the winners.

This year, for the first time it was established a Grand Prix in Zlata Tkach’ father's memory - Moses Berihman and was handed to the four winners.

“I want to remember not only Zlata Moiseevna but Moses Berzionovich”, Galina Buinovsky says. “He was a teacher from G-d. I learned a lot from him: patience, that to every student you should find his own approach, new methods. Thanks to him, I found my calling.”

"Support for gifted children - is an investment in the future of the country", - Konstantin Rusnak, chairman of the jury, Professor, General Secretary of the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, composer said, welcoming the participants at a gala concert at the National Philharmonic. He was impressed with the level of performance, skills of young musicians. And also with the fact that the competition, in spite of the difficulties and the economic crisis grows.

Financial and logistical support were rendered by the project "Hevruta in Moldova", Russian Centre of Science and Culture, the company Resan, Moldo-British Company «Hendrix Bail», hotel Sky land, the international organization "Ezra", investment company Inter-Pares-Springs, company "Sweet Home», SRL "Buseli-M".

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova did that in the creative competition included children, not only from the capital but also from the periphery - from about 20 musical schools: from Beltsy, Rybnitsa, Falesti, etc.

Gala concert at the Philharmonic demonstrated that students prefer works written in the modern musical language. Life-affirming creations of Zlata Tkach are often performed and will be performed in the future.

Sounds corny, but no losers were in the competition. But the best reward for the organizers was to hear from parents, teachers as important words of gratitude: "Thank you! You are doing a great job! ".