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Day of JCC Clubs Holidays

On March 17 both youth clubs of the JCC KEDEM celebrated bright events. Tolerance Club that unites young people of various ethnicities conducted for the 6th year consecutive Festival of languages. This time about 150 people cane to the Festival where 18 languages from Yiddish represented by Benjamin Fox-Rosen (USA), Fulbright scholarship winner, to English presented by Carl Donovan, JCC based Peace Corps volunteer, from Armenian to Chinese. For the second year Mrs. Violetta Motulaite, Ambassador of Lithuania in Moldova, greeted the audience. Also representatives of the Embassies of Hungary and France took place in the ceremony. 

“Every year I go to another section and learn something special and unusual”, said Elena, one of the festival participants. “It is so funny and curious to learn new phrases in different languages, to be able to say the most simple but sometimes most important words for communication – hello, how are you, I love you…”

Later on youth club “Haverim” celebrated its 4th birthday in Latino style party. Music, snacks, nice greetings and congratulations by Shira Genish, JDC Country Director in Moldova and Southern Ukraine, Mickey Katsif, ex-JDC Director in Moldova and his successor Michael Shuv decorated the event program. As usual the atmosphere on “Haverim” holidays was especially joyful, open, and free.

“I am participating in many events, programs and projects in “Haverim” club”, said Yulia.It is every time something new and attracting. I do not know another club in the city that would be such an active and innovative. I congratulate all of us with this holiday and wish “Haverim” a long life.”