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To the State of Israel Jubilee

On April 23 a new party in the frames of the program KJJC Gathers Friends took place. This time the “passengers” of a symbolic plane went to the Holy Land. The flight was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Israel Independence. New dances and songs by the JCC art-groups and famous Moldovan musicians on the board, greetings words and warm and personal feelings from the part of Shmuel Polishuk, the 1st secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Yakov Tikhman, businessman, artist, writer, producer, Aron Shneyer, Manager of Community Relations from Yad Vashem made us recall about relatives and friends living in Israel, impressions of the visits to the historical Motherland of our people. 

The historical miracle of Israel restoration is a fact that helps to live to every Jew allover the world”, said Michael Finckel, JCC Deputy Director and poet, who read some touching and philosophic poems about the destinies and deep meaning of Jewishness for all of us. 

It was important to mention many famous names out of dozens of thousands Jews who made aliah from Bessarabia and Moldova and made a significant input in science, politics, medicine, art of their returned Motherland. Among whom of course were Shmuel Cohen, composer, author of Hatikvah anthem, and Meir Dizengoff, one of the founders and the 1st Mayor of Tel Aviv.