Jewish Center celebrations in May

May 8 – Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem day was celebrated on May 8.  The celebration   featured the opening of an exhibit of photographs and paintings commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem, sponsored by The Culture Center of Israel.

Shmuel Polischuk, Director of The Culture Center of Israel and First Secretary of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened the ceremony.  Mr. Polischuk expressed his feelings and impressions about Jerusalem.  He described Jerusalem as “a symbol of eternity” and a center of civilization that welcomes people of all faiths and ethnicities. He notedthat  “the Jewish world is unimaginable apart from the city of Jerusalem.”

 Mr. Polischuk’s comments were followed by music performances by young artists from KEDEM’s music groups, and by visiting Fulbright Scholar and singer Benjy Fox-Rosen The songs were sung in Hebrew and Yiddish. 

 After the ceremony, participants were invited to see a movie about the history and modern life of Jerusalem.

 May 14 – Victory Day

 On May 14, HESED and KEDEM hosted a special event honoring Jewish Moldovan Veterans of WWII.

The event featured the opening of an exhibit of photographs and posters of WWII provided by The Culture Center of Israel. The event was attended by several Jewish Veterans of WWII.  All Jewish veterans who fought valiantly to defend Moldova, including those who attended in-person and those who were unable to come, were honored by Victor Kosteschy, the Director of Education Programs with the Russian Culture Center, and by Alexandr Filipov, the Director of HESED.

Also honoring the veterans was Elena Belyakov, Director of the Bureau of Interethnic Relations.  Ms. Belyakov said that Victory Day for her was a personal celebration. Her grandfather had fought with the 314th Infantry of the Siberian Division, which reached Berlin.  She expressed her joy in visiting Jewish community.  She stated that “I am well aware that the Day of Victory for the Jews is a most important holiday.”