Intellectual Victories

On November 9 an online tournament of intellectual quiz The Cup of the State of Israel "Hamburg Account" took place at the KJJC for the 1st time. The tournament was initiated by Israeli intellectuals and included about 200 of teams from FSU, Israel, and Czech Republic. In KJJC gathered 14 teams. The event was organized thanks to the joint efforts of the Israeli Cultural Center, JCC KEDEM and the Jewish Community of Moldova. 

David Mamistvalov, the 1st secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel in Moldova, and Michael Finckel, JCC Deputy Director, opened the tournament and wished successes and victories in the future.

“November 9 is the Crystal Night Memorial Day and our gathering here and this tournament prove that we are alive, that we are developing and have the future in spite of any enemies”, said Michael.