Chanukah Marathon 5774 in JCC KEDEM

During eight days of the longest and one of the most expected and bright Jewish holidays - Chanukah – JCC KEDEM organized events. And as traditionally Chanukah is one of so called children’s holidays many of them were aimed at kids. 

The first candle was lighted in the yard and shot by a local TV channel. Among the intensive Chanukah program we should mention joint festive Shabbat of the JCC youth club “Haverim” and Israeli Cultural Center club ‘Tsofim” that was conducted in a night club for 500 guests, a big Chanukah party at KEDEM with nice concert program, awards to the best volunteers of the year and traditional sufganiyot, a Chanukah Limmud program for children from non-Jewish schools of the city with master-classes on the Jewish tradition and culture, and a special holiday program at one of Chisinau boarding schools with gifts and songs, music and congratulations that kids there are usually deprived of.

Besides this the KJJC participated in the first and last candles lighting near the Russian Drama Theater (former choral synagogue in the pre-War period) events organized by Chabbad Liubavitch and the Jewish Community of Moldova.

“I know that this holiday symbolizes our victory over the enemies”, said Sasha, 14 years. ”And even G-d helped us with a miracle of oil. This year at KEDEM it was so much light and so many interesting events. I came several times with my friends. Not all of them are Jewish but they admired concerts and shows and of course tasty doughnuts! And they know how to say: “Chag Chanukah Sameah!”

All the events organized by the JCC were different and interesting and attracted in total about 1,500 of guests.