Purim – Holiday of Victory and Joy

One of the most important and special holidays of the Jewish calendar – Purim was brightly celebrated by the JCC. A big community event organized jointly by JAFI, Chabad Liubavitch, Jewish Community, Hillel and Israeli Cultural Center.  The program included Megillat Esther reading, dances, masks, quizzes, traditional humentashen and wine.
“For many years there was not such a uniting holiday at our synagogue”, confessed Daniel Muntean, assistant to the Chief Rabbi of Moldova. ”It is very important and meaningful that we are together today! Hag Purim Sameach!”
Other bright events were organized by the JCC Family club, youth club and Volunteers’ center. A whole carnival for children, disco party with special designed programs, music and meals involved hundreds of people.
A special initiative by the JCC Volunteers’ center was held during two weeks on the eve of the holidays – boxes for mishloah manot were brought to all the Jewish organizations of Chisinau and all the candies and sweets gathered were distributed to children.
In fact Purim celebrating converted in a marathon of smiles, joy, and happiness.