Cup of Tishrey, ed. 2

Soccer Cup of Tishrey initiated last year by the JCC KEDEM becomes one of the most beloved events of the Fall period in the Jewish community of Chisinau. This time the tournament attracted six teams: Maccabi-Moldova, Israeli Cultural Center, JCC KEDEM, Jewish Family Service, Hillel and JAFI. All these organizations plus Jewish Community of Moldova and Hesed welfare center supported jointly its organization and financing demonstrating a good example and potential of the programs conducted by many Jewish organizations together.
This year Maccabi as a better professionally prepared team steadily won the 1st place as well as the prizes for the best player and best striker. ICC got the 2nd place and KEDEM for the second year consecutively the bronze. All the teams received champagne and sweets. A very emotional and meaningful speech was pronounced at the beginning of the tournament by one of the best players in Moldova soccer history Vladimir Tsinkler, now former ghetto and concentration camps association chair. He also presented his book  that became another award for the best player of the Cup.