Learning to Live Together

The 6th international interethnic camp “Sources of Tolerance” took place in a picturesque Leordaia village place 70 km from Chisinau.
11 days from July 18 till 29 over 100 teens and guides – participants of the camp – who represented Bulgarian, Moldovan, Romanian, Greek, Jewish, Polish, Rome, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauzian cultures gathered from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia to get acquainted with the history and traditions of ethnicities that live in Moldova.
Every day was dedicated to a certain culture. “We all are different, we represent various ethnicities”, said Alesya. “But everyone merits equality and esteem”.
The Jewish one took place on Friday, July 22 when a team from the JCC KEDEM brought to the camp one of its last and most successful project – “Global Mecorock – My Voice”. Teens got acquainted with some principal stories from Tora like Creation, Exodus, Babel Tower basing on which they created their own original songs, art and drama numbers.
The main aim of the project organized by the Center of Informal Education “Diversitate” and supported by the JCC KEDEM, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Polish Embassy in Moldova, UN Dpt. on refugees, Civil Rights Defenders, Jewish Community of Moldova, «AVE-Copiii» and Gary Galanter was to create an atmosphere for dialogue between various ethnic groups, struggling with xenophobia, forming an active civil position at the young generation and promotion of knowledge about polytechnic character of the Republic of Moldova state.   .