XV Ethnic Festival in Chisinau

A nice tradition of uniting ethnic minorities groups initiated many years ago by Bureau of interethnic Relations of Moldova continues this year by its 15th edition. 45 organizations and communities gathered in the central park of the city where each had its own alley or street.
Traditionally the Jewish street became one of the most popular where all the time starting from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. people danced, tasted traditional meals, got information about programs and organizations. KJJC occupied a big part of the space on the street distributing announcements about present and future programs and events, books, showing videos and photos. KJJC music groups also took part in the concert on the main scene of the event.
“I like Jewish street and come here every year”, told Helen. “I have a lot of friends of the Jewish origin and feel a deep sympathy to your history and traditions”.
“Thank you for invitation to the concert”, said Roman. “I will come with pleasure and will invite my friends to join as well”.