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The first Chanuka candle lighted the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus

On December 25 more than 250 people gathered under one roof in Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus to light the first Chanuka candle. Smiling faces and open hearts created the home-like atmosphere. The feeling of relief could be easily read on the faces: at last the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus opened its doors to the Jewish Community on such a bright holiday as Chanuka!

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Chanuka light in the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus

During 8 days, from December 25, 2005 to January 01, 2006. – THE KISHINEV JACOBS JEWISH CAMPUS will host Chanuka holiday presentation of the Center programs.
The program of the event includes concerts of the best klesmer music bands from Moldova and Ukraine, sports competitions; theatrical shows; children’s events. All these interesting and captivating activities are united by the idea of Chanuka Jewish holiday that symbolizes light and liberation.
Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus - the major Jewish Center in the Republic, built on the money of foreign Jewish Organizations and private sponsors, runs a full range of cultural, educational and sports programs.

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City ethnic festival


On the 19.10.04 the Jewish Community participated in City ethnic festival

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Pesach in Moldova

ImageThis year Pesach was widely celebrated in Moldova. The JDC purchased in Kiev 7 tones of matzoth that were distributed among all the local Jewish organizations. Another 2.5 tones of matzoth were donated by “Dor le Dor” welfare fund. The Chabad Liubavitch synagogue also distributed and sold several tones of matzoth.
Celebrations included a wide range of activities that brought together about 1,300 people throughout the Republic. Dozens of Seders in Kishinev, Beltsy, Kagul, Dubossary, Rybnitsa, and Tiraspol became colorful and remarkable events that were welcomed by the local communities.