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Open Air Concert Tradition Continues

On July 8 a nice party-concert by "Jallas Chamber" Orchestra (Finland) conducted by the world famous Juhani Numminen took place at the Open Air of the KJJC that is a nice tradition for summer period for already several years.

Over 100 people audience admired the nice evening weather and immortal classic music of Edvard Grieg, Jean Sibelius, Oscar Mericanto, Felix Mendelsohn and other composers.

“Two hours passed on one breath!” exclaimed excited Lilea. “Thank you for such programs and evenings!”

American Holidays at the JCC

July 6 became a big holiday for the JCC guests. This day US independence and inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the AJJDC 100th Anniversary took place. 
“Today we celebrate both 100th Anniversary of the Joint that became one of the most valuable and strong humanitarian organizations in the world based on such universal and such Jewish principles as ‘saving one life you save the world’ and ‘all the Jews are responsible one for another”, said Michael Finckel, JCC Financial-economic and administrative manager, who led the party. “And the 238th Anniversary of the USA, country with significant short history, that we may call self-made country whose one of the mightiest capacities is its people. And it is very connected to Moldova history as after the pogroms and anti-Semitic campaigns of the beginning of 20th century about two million Jews went out from under Russia Eastern Europe mainly to the USA and their and next generations’ input in the development of their new Motherland is really big”.
Honorary guests – Kara McDonald, Deputy Chief Mission of the US Embassy in Moldova, Janet Utecht, Peace Corps Country Director, Michael Shuv, AJJDC Director in Moldova – underlined in their speeches importance of the global and universal humanitarian values adopted by the US founders and meaningful for today. These values are shared in many activities realized by the AJJDC and Peace Corps. Also they stressed on the importance of joint activities and cooperation.
Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, spoke about long-term cooperation with the US Embassy and Peace Corps, number of joint events that were so successful and welcomed by audience and expressed will and hope to continue it in the future.
Nice live saxophone music made a background for the program and acquaintance with impressive lists of photos and facts about the AJJDC 100 years of history mounted on the walls of the KJJC yard.

66th Anniversary of Israel

On May 18 JCC KEDEM celebrated Israeli Independence Day. It was - as should be - a bright and marry event with some official speeches on behalf of Michael Shuv, AJJDC in Moldova Director, and David Mamistvalov, Israeli Cultural Center director, and a lot of fun, music, and meals. 

Young people made the majority of the audience and spent this Sunday together honoring and being proud of what the State of Israel achieved during just 66 years of its modern existence.

“Thank you for such a wonderful party! Happy Independence Day, Israel!” exclaimed them.

Victory Day - Memory Forever

Victory in the World War II has a special meaning for the Jewish people who could be just eliminated by Nazi. This year on the May 4 JCC KEDEM conducted a bright festive event dedicated to this date. 

It was opened by orchestra of Kishinev musical lyceum. Michael Shuv, AJJDC Director in Moldova, greeted everybody and specially veterans of the war telling that this date will never lose its meaning. Many songs of those years and dances were performed by the JCC art-groups.

“Day of Victory is a saint holiday for all of us”, said Anna, 18 years old youth club member. “We owe you, our dear veterans; we are excited by your spirit and courage. Our task is to keep the memory and history and tell about it to further generations”.

Lag ba-Omer Holiday Together

Lag ba-Omer is a special kind of holiday in the Jewish calendar. It is celebrating stop of dying of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva, but at the same day RASHBI (Rabbi Shimon bar Iohai) died, the author of Zohar (Kabbala) book. 

This year several Jewish organizations including JCC KEDEM united their efforts to celebrate Lag ba-Omer together outside of Kishinev in a picturesque place Sky Land.

About 150 people were picked by buses from Chabad synagogue and joined the program that included various master classes, animation for the youngest, meals and traditional Lag ba-Omer fire.