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Languages Day at the JCC KEDEM

On March 30 the 7th Festival of Languages was conducted by the JCC Tolerance Club. 18 languages that represented all the continents, dozens of countries and cultures were divided in three groups – languages spoken in Moldova, Eastern and exotic languages. 

Over 120 people attended the event. The atmosphere was warm, sincere and open. The bearers of languages conducted sessions telling about the history, habits, cuisine of their countries.

“We understand that in spite of diversity there are many things that unite us, and a lot of starts with the language”, said Elena.

Concert of Young Masters

On February 16 a nice concert took place at the Organ Hall of Kishinev. The event was organized by the JCC KEDEM and the program composed of performances of young laureates of four precedent republican competitions named after Zlata Tkach. Totally 23 laureates took part in the concert. Some were just impressive as many of kids became already young masters and about 400 people present at the hall just admired it. 

During the four years of competitions over 650 musicians from all over the country took part in it. The most eminent musicians and music teachers became the members of jury. And now many of them as well as music schools students and of course their parents and grandparents wait impatiently for the 5th competition that most probably will take place in the end of 2014.

Jewish Family Service – 10 Years of Activities

The Jewish Family Service was organized thanks to support of the AJJDC 10 years ago on the basis of the pilot in FSU project – “Let My Children Grow” for the Jewish families at risk with kids under 18 years. 

During this period of time it served 2,187 clients, assistance included food programs, medicine, School of Professions, camps, Day Center, after school programs, humanitarian aid. NES has many partners among the local and foreign NGOs and serves for many of them as an example of a successful welfare organization in difficult socio-economic conditions of life in Moldova.

The celebration itself has become a bright and colorful holiday with over 250 guests – partners and beneficiaries. Directors of the Joint in Moldova, JCCs from Kishinev, Tiraspol, Beltsy and Rybnitsa, Kishinev Hesed Yehuda and International Center of Training and Professional Development congratulated the staff of the JFS and brought their gifts – musical center and cooler for the Day Center, fruit and candies for kids.

The entire program that included dances, music, nice songs were elaborated and gifted by the JCC KEDEM.

“We are just happy!” exclaimed Olga Levus, JFS NES director. “I am really anxious. I am thankful to everybody who supports us, to our staff and volunteers. I hope that together we will continue our necessary work!”

To Perform and Be Awarded

The 4th all-republican music competition named after Zlata Tkach, the 1st woman composer in Moldova, who made a great input into development of the local music culture, took place on December 22-23. This time the festival gathered a record number of 240 participants from music schools of Kishinev, Tiraspol, Bendery, Sarata Galbena, Calarasi, etc. Jury as always was composed of the eminent musicians, musicologists, pedagogues. Participants were traditionally divided by age groups and types of instruments.

The event attracted many partners – JCC KEDEM, National Philharmonic of Moldova, Union of Composers, UNESCO, Russian Embassy, sponsors and informational partners who had the honor to support the children’s festival.

Gala concert of the winners and laureates at Philharmonic became the bright final point of the two-day intensive program.

“I guess this competition became one of the constant and important cultural events in the life of the country during the last four years”, said Leonid, member of jury. “I am honored to be invited to take part in this holiday and I am happy that children have such a wonderful opportunity to perform and be awarded.”

Chanukah Marathon 5774 in JCC KEDEM

During eight days of the longest and one of the most expected and bright Jewish holidays - Chanukah – JCC KEDEM organized events. And as traditionally Chanukah is one of so called children’s holidays many of them were aimed at kids. 

The first candle was lighted in the yard and shot by a local TV channel. Among the intensive Chanukah program we should mention joint festive Shabbat of the JCC youth club “Haverim” and Israeli Cultural Center club ‘Tsofim” that was conducted in a night club for 500 guests, a big Chanukah party at KEDEM with nice concert program, awards to the best volunteers of the year and traditional sufganiyot, a Chanukah Limmud program for children from non-Jewish schools of the city with master-classes on the Jewish tradition and culture, and a special holiday program at one of Chisinau boarding schools with gifts and songs, music and congratulations that kids there are usually deprived of.

Besides this the KJJC participated in the first and last candles lighting near the Russian Drama Theater (former choral synagogue in the pre-War period) events organized by Chabbad Liubavitch and the Jewish Community of Moldova.

“I know that this holiday symbolizes our victory over the enemies”, said Sasha, 14 years. ”And even G-d helped us with a miracle of oil. This year at KEDEM it was so much light and so many interesting events. I came several times with my friends. Not all of them are Jewish but they admired concerts and shows and of course tasty doughnuts! And they know how to say: “Chag Chanukah Sameah!”

All the events organized by the JCC were different and interesting and attracted in total about 1,500 of guests.