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Day of JCC Clubs Holidays

On March 17 both youth clubs of the JCC KEDEM celebrated bright events. Tolerance Club that unites young people of various ethnicities conducted for the 6th year consecutive Festival of languages. This time about 150 people cane to the Festival where 18 languages from Yiddish represented by Benjamin Fox-Rosen (USA), Fulbright scholarship winner, to English presented by Carl Donovan, JCC based Peace Corps volunteer, from Armenian to Chinese. For the second year Mrs. Violetta Motulaite, Ambassador of Lithuania in Moldova, greeted the audience. Also representatives of the Embassies of Hungary and France took place in the ceremony. 

“Every year I go to another section and learn something special and unusual”, said Elena, one of the festival participants. “It is so funny and curious to learn new phrases in different languages, to be able to say the most simple but sometimes most important words for communication – hello, how are you, I love you…”

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The Most Impressive Holiday!

A merry Clown made masks and costumes with children, an energetic Pirate initiated competitions, and Pooh Bear gave the sweets. Over 300 people – mainly kids and youth – gathered at the KJJC on February 24 to celebrate Purim – one of the most expected during the year Jewish holidays. The program was intense and full of events. 

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“Person of the Year” Ceremony at the KJJC

For the second year consecutive the JCC KEDEM chose the best joint practices partners for seven nominations prizes. Among theme were Ambassadors of Germany, Russia and Lithuania, rabbi, musicians, architects, scientists, doctors, representatives of mass-media and government, and our special guest Mrs. Ellen Cole, Miles Nadal JCC Executive Director (Toronto), JCC KEDEM partner in the frames of the World JCCs Association mentoring program. All the winners were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs.

Songs in Romanian, French, Hebrew, Yiddish, Moldovan folk dances and beautiful number with white doves made the cultural outline of the soiree.
“I am deeply impressed and admire the passion, efforts and quality of your programs and of the level of cooperation you have built with the governmental, non-governmental structures and other ethnic communities of Moldova,” said Ellen Cole. “It is touching your keeping memories about eminent Bessarabia and Moldova Jews and your history. I am sure that many North American organizations have to learn from you such an experience.”

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Perhaps not coincidentally the beginning of Chanukah was marked conduct III Contest of Young Performers. Zlata Tkach. It was a real miracle of creation, preserving the memory of the outstanding figures of culture, the revival of musical traditions.
The competition has demonstrated yet again: in Moldova there are hundreds of talented children, dozens of excellent teachers and great pianists who, sparing no effort, despite a modest salary, prepare promising musicians. Member of the Jury of wind instruments, the head of the Presidential Orchestra, Maestru în artг Leonid Voznyuk sighed: "So many talented guys, I want to mention all!"
Sorry, it's impossible! 200 participants (160 were previous year). More than 70 awards - not just the winners in all age categories in the four instrumental categories, but for the best performance of Zlata Tkach, other Moldovan composers, for the will to win and the youngest participants (the youngest was - five and a half years old), for the best people music (for accordion), for best foreign author and also for teachers who prepared the winners.

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Atmosphere of A Home

On the eve of Rosh-ha-Shana new season of JCC programs start. On September 9 a traditional already Open Day was conducted at the KJJC. Presentation of acting and new programs, special action for parents, chess tournament, exhibitions, concert, quiz with prizes – the program was bright, plenty and emotional. Through holiday atmosphere 200 people got acquainted with all the spectrum of activities that JCC suggests for all ages.

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