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Holiday with Music

During the last period of time annual JCC KEDEM hosts a nice concert of classic music performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Octavio Calleya from Spain. Born in Kishinev, in 1942, he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest where he graduated with honors in orchestra and choral conducting, musical pedagogy and composition.

His best known teachers were D. Milcoveanu, A. Stroe, A. Vieru, Marin Constantin, D. Botez and M. Basarab. He then was choral conductor for the University of Bucharest for four years. Given a scholarship by the Vienna Academy of Music, he graduated in orchestral conducting under Hans Swarowsky, in opera conducting under W. Spannagel and K. Etti, and in contemporary music under F. Cerha.


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USA Celebration at the KJJC

“Thank you so much for inviting me tonight to the KEDEM Jacobs Jewish Center. It is wonderful to be here to celebrate the birthday of the United States. I hope the spirit of tonight will last for years in this community and in Moldova”, wrote Mr. William Moser, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the USA in the Republic of Moldova in the KJJC Guest Book.

Besides His Excellency Ambassador, Jeffrey Goveya, Regional Director of Peace Corps in Moldova, Matthew Easter, the second Secretary of the US Embassy in Moldova, about 200 people came to celebrate the Independence Day of one of the leading countries in the world in economy, science, democracy, and technologies development, country that became home for about 6 million Jews.


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All the Best for Children

As during every year the JCC KEDEM and Jewish Family Service NES with support of the project “Hevruta in Moldova” organized and conducted a special festive program dedicated to the International Day of Children’s Protection. The program that attracted over 200 children starting from those who just started to walk by themselves up to 16 years old teenagers included information about the holiday history and international conventions on the children’s rights signed by the Republic of Moldova, dances, songs, quizzes and entertainment stations by JCC Tolerance and ‘Haverim” clubs.

JCC art groups “Ashraa” and “Tal Tal” prepared a bright and rousing concert program. Children received snacks and prizes.


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Moldova – Lithuania Met at the KJJC

On June 21 at the KJJC a special event initiated yet several months ago by the Embassy of Lithuania in Moldova and JCC KEDEM took place on the second floor at the exhibition hall – opening of a joint exhibition "Lithuania - Moldova: Crossroads of Destiny" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Moldova.
The joint exhibition consists of two – Lithuanian and Moldovan – exhibitions. "The Sounds of Silence" - an exhibition of famous Lithuanian photographer Raimondas Paknys depicts the remains of the glorious Jewish culture in Lithuania, in a land that was known for its tolerance for ethnic minorities: the architecture, the cemeteries, the synagogues, etc. "The Vanishing Visions" is a photo exhibition dedicated to the Jewish history of Moldova.

“Exhibition “Crossroads of destiny” is clear evidence of how much we had in common in the past, and what has to be preserved for the future,” said Lithuanian Ambassador Violeta Motulaitė during the Opening Ceremony.

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Lag ba Omer at the KJJC

One of the Jewish half-holidays but at the same time a rather significant date in our calendar – Lag ba Omer – was celebrated on May 10 at the KJJC together with Chabad Liubavitch synagogue. The ceremony started yet at the synagogue and then a festive parade went on central streets of the city to KEDEM where about 100 people mainly members of the JCC youth club met them. Everything was made according to traditions: fire, dances, music, snacks.

Personally Reb Zalman-Leib Abelsky, the chief rabbi of Moldova and Kishinev, greeted the audience: “We are not struggling, but winning, and we win not by weapon, but by words”.