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Independence Day of USA at the KJJC

The main holiday of the USA is a must festive event at the KJJC that was found by AJJDC and thanks to support of Jacobs’s family from San-Diego. 
This time the audience was composed of over 40 kids from the JCC and Jewish Family Service Summer camps who were greeted by a high invited guest – Mr. Jed Wolfington, Press Attaché of the US Embassy in Moldova. Mr. Wolfington and his nice and young assistant, Sophie Panetti, who is serving now as Public Affairs Student Assistant at the Embassy presented while basic but interesting for kids information about the history of their native country, its main values and challenges, geographical and demographic facts.
Children were very excited and eager to answer and ask questions, admired photos and received bracelets from the American Resource Center of the US Embassy in Moldova.
The ceremony was led by Stella Harmelina and Michal Finckel, JCC KEDEM staff members.

Fire and Happiness Together – Lag ba-Omer in Chisinau

Lag ba-Omer is one of merry holidays of our people. This year the joint program of several institutions where KJJC organizations also took an active part started from Chabad synagogue and moved to Sky land touristic complex in 30 km from Chisinau headed by the car with the Chief Rabbi of Moldova Reb Josef-Yitzhak Abelsky.
After greetings and congratulations a bright concert and kosher meals made the good mood of the participants. And of course in the end a big traditional fire crowned the ceremony.
“The holiday was very nice and happy. We’ll remember it for a long time”, said one of the guests.

“Hesed Yehuda” Welfare Center Marked its 20th Anniversary

Just 20 years ago Chisinau Jewish welfare center “Hesed Yehuda” was established by initiative and with the support of the AJJDC and Claims Conference.
Elderly Nazi victims, needy retired Jews in Chisinau and other 30 settlements in the center and south of Moldova became the recipients of about 20 welfare programs of the Center.
During this period thousands of people received medical, food, SOS, winter relief, homecare assistance, repairing of the apartments and equipment, etc. Many of them just survived in difficult conditions of Moldova social and economic situation where an average pension is ~$55 per month.
Since 2005 Hesed moved to the KJJC and became one of its integral and important parts.
On May 17, 2016 a festive celebration of the nice jubilee took place in the main Concert hall of the Campus where several hundreds of people admired a nice cultural program prepared by the JCC KEDEM as a gift to the partner organization.

Israeli Independence Day in KEDEM

On May 15 an exhibition “With Love to Israel” dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the State of Israel was opened in KJJC Gallery. The event was initiated by the JCC KEDEM in partnership with the Union of Artists of Moldova.
Leading painters, sculptors and graphic artists presented their works for about 100 of visitors. Stella Harmelina, JCC director, and Tudor Braga, artists, one of the heads of the Union, State Prize of Moldova laureate, greeted the audience and told about many cultural, historical and people connections between the two countries.
The exhibition will stay in the KJJC by the end of May and will be opened for free visits by all inhabitants and guests of the capital.

JCC KEDEM – A Week before Purim


The week before Purim became a very intensive one for the JCC KEDEM. On March 16 a nice joint program with the Swedish Embassy in Moldova and “Hesed Yakov” welfare and cultural center of Beltsy took place. It was dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg and based on the exhibition rendered by the Embassy to JCC KEDEM yet in January. The program attracted over 120 people including local officials, teachers of history, students of universities and lyceums.

On March 19 youth club “Haverim” of the JCC celebrated its 7 birthday. During this period the club became very popular for young people who are looking for their Jewish roots, who like to gather and discuss interesting themes, play games, make sports, etc. Recently the club won another JDC grant for AJT (Active Jewish Teens) programs that will help realize new ideas and projects.

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