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Purim Masks at the KJJC

On March 11, on Sunday over 250 kids and parents came to the KJJC to celebrate one of the most cheerful and happy Jewish holiday – Purim. Celebration was organized jointly by the JCC and Jewish Family Service. All the premises were filled with laughter, jokes, and children in costumes of heroes of Purim story, tales and cartoons. Even parents came in funny masks and carnival costumes.

“Purim lets us to feel like kids, be happy, merry, laugh”, said Elena. “And at the same time this our ancient tradition and holiday of victory over enemies. It is very important to be here together with our children.”

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KJJC for the Country

On March 10 on the main scene of Moldova – National Palace with over 1500 spectators in the hall two art groups of the KJJC – “Fidlers” violinists band and “Ashraa” dancing ensemble – took part in the closing ceremony of traditional and one of the most beloved and merry holidays of Republic of Moldova – Martisor.

“This was for the first time when KJJC was presented on the holiday. It is a big honor for us to be invited by the ceremony organizers”, told Galina Grazhdianu, JCC KEDEM cultural programs coordinator. ”And it was a special pleasure to hear the name of KEDEM and our art groups and to see how warmly they were met by the audience!”

Music Competition and Festival

For the 2nd consecutive year competition of young performers named after Zlata Tkach was organized and conducted by initiative of the JCC KEDEM together with the National Philharmonic of Moldova and “Hevruta in Moldova” project. Over 160 participants divided by age and instruments categories competed and were judged by the highest musicians, music teachers, composers, representatives of the cultural elite of the country.
Emotions, tears of victory and even failure, happy parents and teachers, some of whom came to Kishinev from rather far away Tiraspol and Beltsy – all this - made the atmosphere tight, bright and vivid.

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Long Holiday – Many Events

This year as always the KJJC was full of festive events and people, sufganiyot and lights during one of the beloved holiday of the year – Chanukah. Holiday of miracles and lights turned in a series of bright days and night festivities for people of all ages. Nice concert for the Jewish Family Service kids opened the first day when Mickey Katsif together with his 4-year son Natan lighted the first candle on the big Chanukiah and read the prayer.

Several events were organized jointly by the JCC youth club Haverim and Hesed Yehuda day center. On another day over 30 schoolchildren from the Jewish Lyceum named after Rambam also came to celebrate Chanukah with the elderly people from the Day Center program. They exchanged postcards and handmade gifts, knowledge about our traditions and smiles.

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Inside Sukkot Tabernacles at the KJJC

Sukkot is one of the High Holidays when Jews came at the Temple. On October 16 about 100 people came to the KJJC to celbrate together this festivity together. Patrons of teh Jewish Family Service, youth from JCC clubs, music, snacks, dances, special and diversified program for kids made this Sunday a real nice and funny.

„We knew so mcuh about arba-minim mizvah, traditions of Sukkot!”, exclaimed 7-years old Maxim

„I wish everybody health and peace in the new 5772 year!”, said Milka. „I come to this wonderful holiday every year with my son and we grow together!”