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Global Mecorock Continues 

The 3rd year of the project started yet in September. For three months teens learned new themes from Torah and created dances, drawings and songs.

On December 25, just on the first day of Hanukkah, the public concert and exhibition took place at the KJJC. The topic of the event was “Women’s Images in Torah” and the audience admired very sensitive and attracting dances and new songs. Also a nice exhibition of visual arts was presented as well. 

This time Rebecca Safronova, the texts teacher of the project, greeted spectators and congratulated them both with Hanukkah holiday and a new program in the frames of the project.

 “We can confirm that the young performers are very talented,” - said Vladimir, one of the guests. “I think it is a great idea and I wish only successes to all the participants. And Hag Hanukkah Sameach!”

Yiddish sounds again

On Friday, November 25 the Concert Hall of the KJJC was full. “Yiddish Lid” (Yiddish Song) Theater from Israel presented a potpourri program in the frames of the 8th International Theatre Festival “Moldfest. Rampa. Ru” that took place in Chisinau. More than this, Vera Lozinski, the soloist, was born in Beltsy where she lived 16 years before making alia to Israel. She together with the concertmaster Alla Dantsig presented a brilliant duet of high musical professionals and just nice ladies. 

The program that lasted over one hour recalled to many people from the audience the times of their childhood and youth when Yiddish was a vibrant alive language around which a whole culture was built. 

“To be sincere, I just cried”, confessed Mira. “These melodies are from 50-60 years back for me. They came and gone with my grandmas, my mom. I feel so excited to hear them again!” 

KJJC is a constant partner of the Festival organizers – Chisinau State Youth Theatre “From the Rose Street” and the “Russian World” Fund. The Festival is one of the most attractive cultural events of the year where creative groups from Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, etc. take part.

JCC Open Day

Traditional Open day was organized at the JCC KEDEM on the 1st Sunday of Autumn, September 4. All the programs including fee-for-service ones were presented to everybody who visited the Campus on this day.
New programs that will start the season included modern dance and hand-made art. English, arts, Hebrew, tango, pre-school education and other programs continued to attract people and many kids, teens and adults subscribed for these classes.
The program of the Open Day created a special holiday atmosphere coinciding with the European Jewish Day that was conducted in dozens communities of the continent.
“For me it was for the 1st time and I am really excited”, told Olesya, JCC Fee-for-Service Programs manager. “I was happy that so many people came and I am sure our programs will continue to be among the most successful in the JCC”.

Global Day of Jewish Learning

On November 20 the next holiday of the Jewish knowledge and learning took place at the KJJC.
This time the main theme was Under the Same Sky: “The Earth is Full of Your Creations”. The program included discussion of the Jewish texts about the nature, beauty of the world, ecological issues, feeding and natural cycles and seasons.
A touching play “Flowers for Algernon” (written by Daniel Keyes) staged by Chisinau municipal theatre “From the Rose Street” ended the program.
Totally over 200 people attended the event.

JCC Summer Camp 2016

“Forgotten Luggage” was the name of this year JCC Family Summer Camp that traditionally took place in the picturesque zone of Vadul-lui-Voda, 30 km from Chisinau. Five days during June 21-26 100 people assisted by madrichim from the JCC KEDEM Republican Volunteers Center and Youth club “Haverim” recalled their ethnic heritage through the art and shows, learning traditions and family stories, quests and, of course, Shabbat and Avdala ceremonies.

“Every year the program is another”, said Lilea. ‘The camp time is not long, but we wait it and these five days together feed us spiritually for another year!”