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Family Retreat “Shevet Ahim”

From July 27 to August 4, our traditional family retreat “Shevet Ahim” took place in the Vadul-lui-Voda resort town on the banks of the Dniester River.
The theme of the retreat was “Jewish Names”. The retreat took on board 88 participants and eight counselors from “Hillel”. Participants studied Jewish traditions and were involved in diverse cultural and athletic programs. Every morning participants started their days with morning prayers, “Tfila”. Everyone remembered the special “sport day”, Makkabiada, of the retreat. This involved a ferry trip around the river with karaoke. The “Mazl” music group of the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus brought a nice concert.

The daily newspaper published all the news and main events of the retreat. From participants’ words we can see that retreat that was successful:

Ira, 14: “Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful retreat. Every year in “Shevet Ahim” we get something new and interesting. We got a lot of new information and enjoyed all the programs, and took enough positive energy for the whole year!”

Bella, 45: “Smart and beautiful, patient and kind counselors, thank you very much for your interesting programs. I liked so much our daily newspaper and morning “Tfila” with Sasha Barenboym. Hope to see you next year, too”

Marina, Retreat Director: “I want to thank all the participants, because working with interesting and creative people was a real pleasure for all of us. We together made this retreat warm, friendly and full of joy. I am proud of all of us!”