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Torah Returns Home

On Monday, October 16th, there was held a special and unique event - action of ceremonial introduction of the Torah scroll in KJJC.
The ceremony of handing in of the Torah scroll was dated for the conclusion of the Simhat-Torah celebration – what literally means "rejoicing in the Torah" and represents the culmination of Sukkot holiday. It is a joyous celebration, which concludes the annual cycle of the Torah reading.
Alexander Bilinkis, the President of the Jewish Congress of Moldova has presented the scroll to KJJC for keeping it and use in perpetuity.

The ceremony was attended by over 150 people. Representatives and heads of all the main Jewish organizations were presented at the ceremony.
The ceremony went off in a very warm, even family, but at the same time solemn atmosphere. Even after all the official and entertainment actions were over, people did not go away for quite a long time.
The Torah scroll was carried into KJJC according to all Jewish rules and traditions. It was brought in personally by Alexander Bilinkis, Ilia Shats, KJJC Director, and Rabbi Kanevsky.
After the speeches and prayers, the grantor and recipient of the scroll, walked around the whole auditorium with the scroll in hands, and everybody could touch it.
When the ceremony was over, the scroll was placed in Aron Kodesh – on the historic place where 150 years ago similar Torah was kept in Woodcutters synagogue.
This is a unique event that brings the ancient spirit of Judaism, of our belief, to this wonderful Center. - said Rabbi Kanevsky. – This is a historical and meaningful moment for all of us. Torah returns Home.”