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Under the David’s Star

On February 21 the ninth consecutive meeting of “Hevruta in Molodva” project took place at the KJJC. Over 40 people with great interest listened for the lecture dedicated to Jewish motives in the art of eminent Russian dramatist and writer Anton Chekhov. The second meeting with the local writer, journalist, lawyer Boris Druta was dedicated to the presentation of is last book “Under the Star of David to the Lord”.

Boris, being an ethnic Moldovan, was born and grew up in a Jewish shtettle and since his childhood was closely acquainted with the Jewish culture estimation to which he bear through all his life and try to transmit in his books and publications.

The book “Under the Star of David to the Lord” rises many actual themes – it tells about famous Jewish composers, scientists, writers of Moldova, analyses the destiny of Yiddish language and culture in the country, discusses security and keeping of the Jewish cemeteries and describes horrors of the Holocaust in Bessarabia. Boris Druta worked on the book over six years gathering materials, taking interviews, collecting statistics.

“I am deeply admiring Boris’ attitude, love and estimation to the Jewish culture and history”, told musician Sergo Bengelsdorf. “He is a wonderful example of a highly cultured person and real intellectual.”