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In the Klezmood

On March 5 a unique concert of an International project “In the Klezmood” was held in the National Philharmonic of Moldova. Leader of the band Roman Grinberg who was born in Beltsy and now lives in Austria gathered wonderful professionals – Alexander Danilov (clarinet), Wolfgang Dorer (percussion), Hannes Lazzakovich (contrabass). Roman himself, singer, pianist, choirmaster, performed in 42 countries, he is laureate of many international competitions, founder of Jewish music group “Freilehs”, leader of Vienna Jewish choir.

For many years he is a friend with Alexander Danilov, virtuous clarinetist, leader of orchestra group of President Orchestra of Moldova.

The band not just interprets classic Jewish melodies; they make a show with theater and compere elements. Anecdotes, funny stories, free and virtuous music and singing in Hebrew and Yiddish, klezmer music becomes jazz interpretation in the hands of these nice musicians.
This was not the first tour of the band in Moldova. Besides the concert in Kishinev they also performed in Soroky, not far from “Main Sheitele Belts”, native town of Roman Grinberg.

“We are happy that JCC KEDEM was among the organizers of the tour providing informational support spreading the announcements through TV channels, newspapers, broadcast”, informed Zoya Apostol, KJJC PR-manager. “And it is so nice that over 500 people – and many of them not from the Jewish community! - attended the concert.”

“We performed several years ago at your nice JCC KEDEM hall”, said Roman Grinberg. “Every time for me it is something especially touching to come to Moldova and sing for my friends and compatriots”.